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Will this Election Bring Lower Crime Rates for New Jersey?

By Shelby Kier | October, 2020

Will this Election Bring Lower Crime Rates for New Jersey?

How will the landscape of the Marijuana Industry look after the general election this November 3rd? Will it be different, or will it remain the same? The answer depends on what the voters decide. This election has supporters of the industry hopeful for change. Should the change come, businesses will have to adapt to remain compliant. Fear not, AdaptiveHR will not only keep you informed, we can keep your business compliant with the new laws to possibly come post-election.

What We Know:

Based on past movements in the House, Marijuana business executives can expect federal banking reform, a softening of prohibition, and possible federal legalization if the Democrats retake the White House, the U.S. Senate, and maintain their majority in the House of Representatives. This, if it becomes reality, will provide good news for New Jersey.

Nearly 100 New Jersey residents are arrested for Marijuana possession daily. This translates to a huge amount of police resources. Currently, New Jersey spends more than $143 million per year to enforce its Marijuana possession laws. With its nearly 100 arrests per day, New Jersey had more than 34,000 arrests for marijuana possession in 2018 alone. This is more than double the national average.  

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The hope of New Jersey Residents:

Some New Jersey residents hope that the removal of marijuana enforcement means police officers can prioritize the greater issues in the state. In 2019, there were over 18,000 incidents of violent crimes in the state. In one report, an estimated 80% of violent crimes in the large cities of New Jersey would go unsolved and close to 50% of rape kits will go untested. The hope is that by pulling nonviolent marijuana users out of the police stations, police officers will have more time and resources to pursue justice in the more violent cases. 

In addition to improved safety, legalization could also bring more opportunities to New Jersey families. Currently, a simple possession charge can be prosecuted as a felony, depending on amount which obviously has long-term effects. A criminal record makes it incredibly difficult for men and women to find work in order to support themselves and their families. If the state decriminalizes the possession charges, those individuals could find work more easily which in turn would build a stronger economy. 

Will your business be ready? 

With the changes that decriminalization could bring, employers will have to adjust hiring standards and protocols of recruiting. Currently, recruiters could be overlooking individuals who can soon be a good applicant otherwise. In addition to changes in the recruiting process, company handbooks might require an overhaul to include proper language surrounding codes of conduct after new cannabis laws are enacted. Ensuring the legal jargon is appropriate for this requires an HR professional with in-depth knowledge of the cannabis industry. Additionally, new laws supporting federal aid to the cannabis industry could reshape the financial status of a lot of cannabis organizations.

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It is imperative for Marijuana business executives to stay up to date with the ever-changing environment surrounding Cannabis law. Subscribe to our blog to stay up to date on all things Cannabis News related. Be proactive and ensure your company is ready to deal with all the changes that are around the corner with this election season and thereafter by contacting an HR professional with AdaptiveHR today.  

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